Saturday, 7 January 2012

Eat a small lunch tomorrow...

as we're going out for dinner tomorrow night.
This was the message that I got, via OCS, from Dave on Thurs 15th Dec.
Me: Oh, okay. Where and what time?
Dave: Nosh in Dalkey at 7pm.
Me: Okay. You do know that tomorrow is both our Christmas team lunches so we'll be eating a v late lunch.
Dave: Yes I know but it's already booked.
Me: Okay.

So, even though I'd been spoiled with a surprise birthday weekend away at The Old Convent the previous weekend I thought that maybe this was an additional birthday dinner (my birthday was Weds mid week) or something.

By 2.30pm on Fri afternoon I'm asking when we're heading for lunch... I have dinner in 4.5 hours you know. By 3pm it was "I have dinner in 4 hours". I finished eating about 3.50 thinking "Oh my God how am I going to manage dinner in 3 hrs?!"

Met Dave at Pearse St Dart station at 6.25 to head out Dalkey on the Dart. At the station we're discussing how full we are and I say that I may not even do the early bird menu as I'm so full... may be better to just order a single dish off the a la carte menu. We get on the Dart and out comes Dave's phone and he's texting away. I assumed to his sister or Carlos. Phone goes away and we natter away (probably about how now hungry we are!) until we get to Dalkey.

We wander down to Nosh and wander in...
Totally Unsuspecting Arrival

I pretty quickly see my brother and his wife Jia there at a large table and I smile to them thinking what a coincidence that they're there that night.
First Recognition

I then follow that thought with "who the hell keeps taking photos of me... and why??" before seeing somebody I recognise at the other end of the table... possibly Amy and Eoin or maybe Fiona?
Oh and you're here too...

Then my clearly "not with it" brain kicks in to action and I think that possibly these people are sitting at the same table for a reason...


And maybe that reason is to surprise me...

And which point I promptly start crying!
And the tears...

Before the Mascara Runs...

Before deciding that sitting down would be the safest thing for me to do :)

Thank you to wonderful sister Ciara for organising this... pretty amazing considering that it was organised when Grace was probably only 3 months old and she had my 2 and half year old godson charging around the place and all done from the US! Thank you to Dave for getting the phone numbers of some friends from my phone without my knowledge and passing those with email addresses on to Ciara. And thank you to everybody who was there... Paul, Jia, Ciara, Eunan, Fiona, Jonathan, Fiona, Mark, Amy, Eoin and Sinead.

Mark and Eoin


I discovered that I


surprises and that week in December was just full of them!!

Posing with the mug



Anonymous said...

Don't know if I will be able to post a comment but will try. What a superb surprise and what gorgeous photos of you and your friends.
Lovely to see you again. Isn't it time you came back here again?
I will be coming to Dublin for a BookCrossing convention in April this year and really looking forward to it.
Happy New Year.

Kathleen said...

Looks like such a great night!