Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sugar… in its many forms and types

[I actually posted this in February 2013 however as MarsEdit is now not playing it appears to have been deleted] Sugar… in its many forms and types Caster sugar. Icing sugar. Light Muscovado sugar. Dark Muscovado sugar. Demerera sugar. Soft dark brown sugar. Soft light brown sugar. Golden Caster sugar. Granulated sugar. No doubt there are more types of sugar that I could add to this list but this will do for now. Right now, I have six of the above different types of sugar in my baking cupboard. Six? Seriously, who needs such a variety of sugar in their cupboard… especially when I don't actually put sugar in tea or coffee, I only use it for baking! And, more importantly, what is the difference between all these types of sugar? That last question is the question that I asked myself this morning as I was checking that I had all the required ingredients for todays bake (ginger cake available from That particular recipe calls for dark muscovado sugar. I checked my baking cupboard to find I had caster sugar, icing sugar, light demerera sugar, soft dark brown sugar and golden caster sugar but no dark muscovado sugar. At this point I wondered "what is the difference between all these sugars?". A bit of a google and it seems to be to do with the amount of molasses in the sugar and who the sugar is refined. Muscovado sugar doesn't get spun in a centrifuge either… can't say I knew that any sugar went through that process! Maybe that's why it's such a thicker, clumpier sugar? This page provides a nice high level overview of the differences (for anybody who cares!) and I at least understand a bit more about the difference between all these sugars. But I still wish I didn't need quite so many of them in my baking cupboard :)