Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bathrooms and Builders

Well, I can safely say that this Saturday was a fairly busy, full on day even though it seems as if we didn’t actually do anything.  We left home at 10:10am yesterday morning and apart from two few minute gaps in the afternoon we weren’t back home until 6.40m in the evening  What did we do in that time?  We visited four bathroom showrooms and spent 3.5 hrs in a freezing house showing two builders around for quotes.  


Builder no 1 turned up at 12.10.  I expected him to be about an hour… it was a freezing 2 hrs later before he left by which time we had a lot more ideas on what needed to be done than before he turned up.  He was full of ideas in terms of the kitchen area (which is dark and small) and boy oh boy did he love the attic space!  Builder no 2, whose favourite phrase is “Jesus Christ” (said in best Polish accent) will definitely come in cheaper but he’s a real “it’s your house, you tell me what you want done” type of guy.  Which is great… if you know everything that needs to be done!  Bringing my Uncle, the architect in for a chat about the kitchen, hopefully next weekend.


We have a decent sized bathroom but there isn’t room for a shower and a bath in there.  We were definitely going with a bath until we were in Tubs and Tiles (amongst other places) and saw a great wet room area shower.  You don’t make the bathroom a wet room but the area for the shower would be of that style.  We’re still undecided at the moment but it would be very luxurious :)


The widening of the driveway for two cars is going to be more complicated that I’d hoped for.  Our real issue is that we can easily widen it to get two cars in but also need for those two cars to be able to get out independently of each other.  We’re not in a housing estate, we’re on a road and I don’t want for one of us to have to move our car for the other person to get out.  Not an acceptable solution I’m afraid.


In between builders and bathroom showrooms we did stop in The Harbour Bar (Bray) for a toastie for lunch.  I haven’t been in there since the ‘90s… what a really gorgeous pub!  Think I’ll be visiting there again (though not necessarily for food!)


So tasks for this week - provide a room by room break down of all the work that we need/want done in the house...  

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