Sunday, 27 April 2014

House Update

So, where are we with the house? Well to be honest, it feels like not much is happening. It's ridiculously difficult to get quotes from builders and one of the builders who looked at the place appears to have disappeared off the radar altogether. He said he was interested in the work but didn't get back to us when we provided breakdown of worked we wanted done but needed quotes for. On the plus side we decided a fortnight ago to ask Michael to start on the driveway... he said he'd start after Easter. I was hoping that meant last Tuesday but apparently it means tomorrow. Right now we can barely squeeze a single Yaris in and while, yes, we will lose the nice heathers that are in the rest of the garden it will be nice to a) be able to get in to the drive without needing to make a super wide turn and it'll be nice to be able to fit two cars in there! Front Garden My uncle gave us some ideas for the kitchen and back room in terms of brightening it up and getting more work top space. The kitchen area currently looks a bit like Existing Kitchen Area and Existing Units He's also suggested widening the french doors at the back to an 8 foot wide sliding door (which sounds great to us!). Between that and knocking back the wall by the sink The Dark Sink Area we're going to get an engineers report done. The engineers report meant that we (Dave) had to do some exploratory work hacking in the remains of the dividing wall (supporting wall) and in to the ceiling to see the direction of the joists as well as seeing what sort of beam was put in place when the supporting wall between the kitchen and back room was originally knocked (this is the wall that we want to push back even further). Based on Dave's explorations yesterday (which I find quite stressful to watch!) there's no supporting beam there at all... which is a little disconcerting! Dave on completing exploratory work in kitchen ceiling (needed to see joist direction and what sort of beam was put in when supporting wall knocked - none!)

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