Sunday, 27 April 2014

Things I Can't Wait to Change

I hate the flooring downstairs in the house. The whole of the ground floor is covered in this: Hate this Flooring! These are marble slabs, so probably expensive but so inappropriate for the ground floor of a 3 bed semi! We still have the original front door Front Door which is currently hidden by a really horribly uPVC porch door. In fact the windows in the house are not at all aesthetically pleasing. We're hoping to be able to afford to replace the but unsure about that yet. What we will be doing though is getting rid of that horrible porch door and letting the lovely front door (which will be even lovlier once painted a bright colour and the clear glass replaced with coloured glass) be seen! Losing that Porch Door We introduced ourselves to a right hand side neighbour yesterday. They're currently renting and unfortunately they're looking to move as the owner wants to sell. I say unfortunately as we knocked on the door to say Hi and let her know work would be starting next week and an hour later we left after a lovely chat and not a few laughs :) Anna agrees that our downstairs flooring is horrible and then raised the issue of our porch door... we told her it was going at which she seemed greatly relieved :)

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