Saturday, 5 April 2014

Todays Thoughts

So the plan for today is to visit some flooring showrooms and possibly head out to the Cosi Homes showroom in Meath to look at finishes that they after applying external insulation.  One of Kieran’s ideas last week was that parquet flooring would look great in our living room and hallway.  And he’s right... but it’s also expensive so this week we want to see just how expensive!  I guess we’ll also get idea of carpet prices both for the stairways and landing in the house plus to recarpet the apartment - that needs to be done whether I sell or rent the place out.

We had Cosi Homes in on Thursday to talk about external insulation.  When I spoke to Martin on the phone he seemed to think that we wouldn’t be able to do the front but on Thursday he reckoned we probably could… but we should check with planning first.  Now the thing is, I actually emailed the planning office in Bray a few weeks ago about this and got told what I already know - planning permission is not required for external insulation but the following shall be exempted development for the purposes of this Act –development consisting of the carrying out of works for the maintenance, improvement or other alteration of any structure, being works which affect only the interior of the structure or which do not materially affect the external appearance of the structure so as to render the appearance inconsistent with the character of the structure or of neighbouring structures”.    

The thing is we knew the above and the section in quotes is what we need cleared up!  So guess I’ll have to try again.

Right, back to looking at my photos from Greece (last August/September!) until the shower free up (I miss that sun!)

Blue Sea

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