Saturday, 31 May 2014

A Lovely Weekend of Not Very Much

Dave’s away this weekend.  Work on the house has practically stopped so I’m doing nothing this weekend. Nothing.  Well, that’s not quite true but let’s say nothing major.  I have confirmed that the Revenue property ID pin that they sent me out works for my current apartment not for the property id of the new house so need to fix that.  And if there are any sales on I may go looking for a fridge but other than that I’m doing  nothing house related.  

Instead i shall do things that have needed doing for months like getting my hair cut, visiting my nephew, seeing my sisters house etc!  Read.  Maybe go for a stroll up Bray head.  Drink some wine.  You get the idea.

We paid window deposit this week - Rationel won in the end.  Cosi Homes were out to discuss insulation work.  Kitchen is progressing (one hopes!).  I’ staying quiet.  

Have a lovely long weekend!  




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