Saturday, 24 May 2014

An Update From The Last Week

The last few weeks seemed to just, out of the blue, get very busy.   We found that we needed to make decisions on certain things if we didn’t want to hold up the building work.  As last Saturday became all about buying the bathroom and nothing else we took Tuesday off to try and get through a few more things.


We started with heading to Domino Designs where we paid our kitchen deposit, confirmed kitchen colour, picked tap etc.  We have a fitting date of June 16th which will be great if met so fingers crossed!  I was on to them yesterday as they still hadn’t been down to take out the wire carousel, spice racks and pull out wire baskets from the existing kitchen (currently  under cover in the back garden) that we intend to reuse in the our new kitchen (desperately trying to keep that price down).  We’re also waiting for plug socket plan also.  They told me that they’d head there yesterday afternoon so fingers crossed that they did.  We’ll be heading down there in a bit (plumber on way) so I’ll look to see if anything looks like it’s been even vaguely disturbed.  I sincerely hope so.


We visited the Rationel showroom also.  We’d been to the Sean Doyle showroom the previous Thursday morning where there was lots of discussion on colours, window design etc.  The Rationel showroom was very quiet and tame in comparison.  A pretty flat experience to be honest and I left feeling somewhat underwhelmed.  Having said that Dave can’t find anything negative about them on the web (unlike other window brands which seem to have definitely mixed reviews especially in relation to fitting) so they’re definitely still in the running (and right now it looks like we’ll go with them).  After that we headed to a flooring place out in Kylemore where it looks like we found the traditional parquet plank size at a much more affordable price than what we’d seen to date.  The wood itself is unfinished so on top of the purchase and fitting price there’d also be a priming and varnishing price but it should still be something that we can stretch too.  


The bit that we left to last is something that we were finding nearly the hardest to do - tiling for the bathroom.  While I don’t mind (too much) the idea of a black and white floor I do not want a black and white bathroom.  But it just seemed odd to me to introduce colour on the walls if the flooring is black and white.  So then we might see wall tiling that we liked but we’d struggle to see floor tiles that would work with that… or vice versa.  However, we think we may have finally solved the problem by going for what could best be described  as a busy floor tile and plain white wall tiles.  Nothing purchased yet but that’s the route we’ll be going for now.  Tiles picked out in Tiles & Tubs in Sandyford.


Arnotts warehouse sale this morning - decidedly disappointing!  But Dave at last persuaded me to visit Ikea as we were so close (warehouse sale was in Santry).  We picked up the track lighting and Led bulbs for the kitchen… and gooseberry jam for Dave’s Mum :)


Oh!! We finally decided on our insulation dilemma in the end!  There’s no question over the external for the side and back of the house but we’ve been torn over what to do with the front as the it distinctive quoins and a large pebble dash.  An external insulation finish could replicate the quoins but was always going to struggle with the dash due to the stone size (which is a real issue when we have a semi-d).  So we decided to go with internal insulation for the front.  So once the windows are done the front walls can lose their somewhat currently exposed finish...

Front Bedroom

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