Saturday, 10 May 2014

And That's Another Saturday Gone!

Today was yet another busy house day.  Our first appointment was with Ferndale Kitchens/Domino Designs in Bray regarding plan for the kitchen… and most importantly what that might cost to make real.  We have (sorry, had) a budget for the kitchen.  We loved the plan.  I did question about the draining board for the kitchen (assuming we get the quartz worktop that i really want!) but got told that the grooves come for free with that. I asked if they really worked and laughingly got told No.  I assumed that this was a sarcastic response but as the conversation progressed I realised it wasn’t!  So we got told what the other two options were (both of which cost extra) and it seems to me that the only viable practical solution is, of course, the most expensive at an extra €480. I accept that  that may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but considering all the little things that have been found and addressed during the renovation work plus the fact that the kitchen quote we were given (excluding the worktops) comes in at what was our total budget for a kitchen (one including worktops and tiles on wall!) then you can understand how that little extra makes a difference! Anyway, I suspect that it was a case of our budget being highly optimistic more than a case of us being given a high quote.  But I like to think that the first quote one gets is not the best quote that could be on offer.  So now I just have to figure out how to get to that best price.  I’ll deal with the quartz worktops (looking at €2500 for those!) at another time!


After that we headed off to the Cosi Homes showroom in Ashbourne.  We’re torn about whether or not to internal or external insulation on the front of the house.  Everybody says “Oh you can’t do external on that” but we’re the ones that are going to be living there and yes we want to be sympathetic to the surrounding houses but we also need to be dry and warm! Oh and if we don’t do external then we have to do full internal not eh front of the house which means 82mm depth lost from front the front room and the front room is not big to start with.  Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised though I guess no decisions have been made.  We were lucky to get a sample to take away with us… the colours aren’t right and the pebbles aren’t as big but we know we can’t get the pebbles as bit so it’s just a case of deciding if we think it looks okay...


External Insulation Potential


We did a quick visit to B&Q… lovely decorative tiles but didn’t see anything I’d like for actual flooring.

In the afternoon it was back to the house to take some more photos of work in progress and the kitchen so we can try and sell it online!


The driveway is really progressing… the hardcore came during the week, the cobbles are down so now we just need crushed stones for the tops.  It’ll look so good when done - or at least a hundred times better than it did when we bought the place!

The Driveway is Coming Along!


The Driveway is Coming Along!


The ceiling is gone from the kitchen exposing the rafters and floorboards from upstairs.  Luckily (well it’s all relative!) only joist has water damaged from the dodgy bathroom upstairs so there’ll be a bit of strengthening required there a steel beam will go in in the kitchen to support the upstairs.

Water Damaged Joist


 While the bathroom is currently hugely unattractive (see previous post!) there are some lovely colours showing on the exposed wall at the moment...

Bathroom Colours!


And last but not least here are some photos of the current state of the front bedroom and walls in the lounge.

Front Bedroom under RepairA tidy fireplace


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