Thursday, 8 May 2014


Well there’s been a bit of progress since Tuesday.  All the black floor tiles are up and we’ve manage to salvage some must see if I can flog those.   I mean it’s expensive marble.  

The bathroom tiles came out yesterday.  We knew that they were placing way too heavy a load on the joists.  I mean seriously, who needs big heavy tiles all over the walls and floor of a bathroom?  Talk about a strain on the 80 year old joists.  What we had before was this


 and what we now currently have is

Bathroom Post Tile Removal 1

So yes there’s a mess from the tiles coming up but but more disconcerting is the obvious water damage that exists.    Our builder has concerns that the joists underneath that plywood flooring has been weakened and damaged.  And even the partition wall to the bedroom (beside the toilet) is apparently damaged.  Anyway, not looking great.  There’ll be more exploratory work required before we find out what additional costs we’re about to be hit with.


Oh well, at least the driveway is coming along… and doesn’t the front look much better without that horrible PVC porch door?

The Driveway is Improving

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