Thursday, 1 May 2014

It's Only Day Four

We've just completed Day 4 of building work on the house... I am so not cut out for this (I say as I sip my glass of wine on a school night). I mean I could be cut out for it if it involved something like:

  • Pick Builder
  • Tell builder what you want
  • Pay Builder
  • The End

But instead it’s something like

  • Pick Builder (eventually)
  • Tell builder what you want
  • Day 1, 1.5 hrs in, get phone call from builder regarding levels of driveway
  • Day 1 evening - visit house and speak to builder.  Listen to builders idea (discard as do not like) and come propose new idea.  Get agreement that a short delay on driveway work is acceptable as there is other work to do.  
  • Day 1 evening - Dave continues with builder while I discuss kitchen options in kitchen with kitchen guy. Then watch Dave help builder bring gutters, fascia and soffits in to back garden for next day.
  • Day 2… something happened day 2 but can’t remember what.
  • Day 3 get update on gutters and hear that lead flashing on roof is in v bad condition.  Oh and that roof tiles not in good nick.  And generally some shoddy repair work has been done.
  • Day 4 hear that the chimney is in even worse condition then we thought.
On Day 4, during breaks at work I arrange 8.30, 10.30 and 2.30 appointments at the house for next Tuesday.  Getting more quotes for windows and insulation.  Electrician arriving at 8.30 as we realised at 5pm this afternoon that need to get him in asap so some internal work can continue.  Luckily he is a super friendly guy who is free on Tuesday and is happy to do a days work for us then.
I popped in to house this evening (day 4) to look at prospective paving stone for drive.  And looked at what remains of our shoddy back garden now that the decking has come up (and is not being replaced any time soon… let’s wait until we know what, if any, money is left in the kitty in a few months time).  But it was rotten and had to go...
The End of the Rotten Decking
The hallway and stairs carpet are a bit of a mess too but at least all that flooring is coming up.  So much stuff lying around!
Hallway during building work

The driveway doesn’t really look a whole lot different yet… can’t wait until that is done!

Start of driveway work


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