Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Talk about Progress

It’s hard to believe that only a week has passed since the start of work on the house!  So much has changed in that time.  The driveway is currently a building site holding a mini digger and a skip full of rubbish.  

The Garden...

The chimney’s been patched up (no photo).  The back of the house looks like a bit of a patchwork puzzle as the cracks have been filled in and the decking is gone.

Patching up the Cracks


Today the electrician was in preparing new sockets before the new plasterboard goes on the walls and all the flooring has been taken up except so far in the bathroom.  Goodbye to horrible black flooring...

Hate this Flooring!


to (in progress)


The Hallway


We also discovered some interesting looking tiles on the porch under the horrible black stuff.  Unsure yet if we’ll be able to work with it - has to fit with door colour and window frames and some tiles are missing but it’s a possibility...

Porch Steps

 I had three different companies in today for quotes for insulation and windows.  I think that Dave is rather shocked that I was as relaxed (we use the word relatively here)  as I was when he got home earlier!

We visited Ideal Bathrooms at the weekend and think we may have picked our toilet, sink and taps for the bathroom which is  a good feeling.  We still have to decide on showering and we’re waiting for kitchen feedback which hopefully we’ll have this week.  Speaking of which maybe I should go email them now!  

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