Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bathroom Progress

We have a shower tray.  Well, we’ve had a shower tray for quite some while but the shower tray is now in the bathroom.  I know you’d love to see a photo but trust me it isn’t that exciting and even I couldn’t be arsed taking a photo of a shower tray in a bare bathroom!

Dave collected the floor tiles over a week ago but tiling has still not started and what they didn’t tell us when ordering is that the plain white wall tiles weren’t in stock!  Then last Saturday Dave decided to count the floor tiles that we’d been given but it turns out that they didn’t give us enough.  I mean not enough to floor the whole room but also not as many as we actually paid for.  We’re still waiting.  I‘m a bit annoyed about this - we went with uneven mix of colours for the floor tiles as we didn’t want to wait two weeks for more to come in stock and we’re already at the two week mark now anyway!  I think they’ll look great once they’re down though...

Bathroom tiles...


Our actual bathroom suite has also been delivered and is awaiting installation - it needs the tiles to go in first!

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