Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bathroom Tiling and Other Bits & Pieces

The bathroom work has started.  At long long last we are seeing some progress (other than the kitchen of course!) happening n the house.  Our kitchen cupboard door handles went on this week and I have to say that i really like them!  The measuring for the quartz worktop also took place but I’ve asked them to postpone installation until the plastering is finished after the windows go in.  I’m getting up stands for the work top so I just think it would be weird to plastering down to their level but not have plastering in behind.  It’s not a bit thing but as the plasterboard is already in place it’ll only be skim of plaster so it won’t affect the worktop measurements.  The guys are fine with this so long as it doesn’t run in to their company’s holidays (we’re getting worktop from Stone Solutions in Gorey).   We now have a number of things dependent on the plastering (and hence the window fitting dates) - kitchen worktop and parquet flooring work commencement!  Here’s the kitchen in it’s current non-glory...

Kitchen With Handles

Tubs & Tiles finally (and I mean finally) got delivery of the rest of our tiles this week so Dave collected them on Wednesday.  His poor car... the suspension felt it I think :)

I popped in last night to check out the bathroom progress… it’s a little weird as no grouting is being done (even on the floor) until after the windows are in but I *think* I like the floor.  It’s weird but I either love or hate the floor tiles and I’m not 100% sure which it is yet.  I think I love them :) 

The bathroom tiling is started!


Future work is that we’re looking at the week of the 7th July for the window installation… I believe that they left Denmark yesterday (we’re went with Rationel).  The insulation (internal on one side and external on two sides) should be happening at the same time.  Once the windows are in the plastering should finish on the front and back of the house.  Then my quartz work top can go in.  We have Mike lined up tentatively to start work on the ground floor parquet flooring the week of July 21st.  Maybe I’m being very optimistic with all those dates but I hope not!   The one thing that I feel that we can’t really do until the kitchen worktop is in is to pick the kitchen floor and wall tiles.  But hopefully that won’t be too much of an issue.

Now that we’ve decided on our initial paint colour for the house interior (Dulux Celestial in the bathroom, French Silk for the kitchen and Soft Cream or something or other for the rest of the house) I may even start on painting tomorrow (depends on weather I guess of course :) )  



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