Monday, 23 June 2014

Paints and Kitchen

So the kitchen is progressing nicely though it was at a bit of a stand still for the latter part of last week. We expected it to be finished up on Wednesday but by Thurs evening it was still unfinished. The doors were on but no handles and a general tidy up was still required. Dave had also noticed that we'd been given a chrome tap instead of the requested stainless steel one. I phoned on Friday morning and turns out that there's a delay with the door handles. Personally I don't think that it would have hurt to pick up the phone and just let us know that but not something that I'm going to get in to a tizz over either! They're apparently being delivered today so hopefully today or tomorrow they'll be fitted. I had a call from the guys who'll be doing out work top this morning to say they were leaving Gorey and what time would suit to let them in. I had to sort of point out that I was in work and that nobody had told us they'd be coming up today! Anyway, as one of the fitters from Domino Kitchens still has a set of our keys I believe that they're synching up for that. I'll ned to phone tomorrow to ensure that I get the type of drain that I want on the worktop! At the weekend Dave started work on scraping the front walls where the internal insulation is going to go. Neither the builder nor the insulation guys themselves believe that this is necessary but Dave read an article that said that it's best to have the wall exposed back to the original brick/concrete before the internal insulation goes on. It makes sense as it removes any hidden layers of damp where mould got fester behind the insulation. Plenty of dust encountered while doing that work I believe :) I had the much more onerous task of painting up wall testers! Rather than deciding on our colour scheme now I want us to just get the place painted (as it's all bare plaster) and then we can decide on colours at our leisure. Seriously though, who knew how hard it would be to pick a single neutral, bright, NOT white colour for the whole house??!
Coffee and Paint Testers Trying to decide on a neutral colour... We ended up buying yet another tester yesterday but that's it, we just have to decide now. I like both our bathroom options actually. I think I prefer the the darker blue (Celestial) while Dave prefers the icier lighter blue (Nordic Blue) but I accept that the former is darker. Having said that only one wall will be fully painted, another will be half white tile and half paint and another completely tiled so I'm thinking that I may have argument for pushing the Celestial. I'll put some of the other tiles (different designs) out this evening and look again.
Bathroom Paint Options In fairness to myself I also spent an hour making what seems like a feeble attempt to trim back our very own Bray jungle. Some effort made but not posting any photos of that considering it still looks a nightmare! Oven and hob purchased yesterday too. I now own a gas hob :)

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