Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Kitchen

The kitchen got delivered yesterday!  John (from Domino Designs) phoned me on Monday evening to let me know that the clutch had gone in their van on Saturday but not to worry they’d be delivering our kitchen in their horse box!  I asked if the horse came free with the kitchen but apparently the horse is in horsey heaven so no.

Kitchen Transport :)

We were down there on Monday evening where I made some attempt to clear the kitchen space for fitting.  Very very dusty and not particularly easy to do (seeing as I came straight from work… possibly not the cleverest idea!) but I think it was okay.

Kitchen space ready for new kitchen

 The guys turned up on the dot of 9am yesterday which was great for me. I reckon they had everything unloaded within 20-30 mins and then one fitter stayed for the day and is back there today and then we should be done… well done bar the worktops.  Can’t even measure for the worktops until the kitchen itself is fitted!  We’re thinking we might actually purchase some appliances this weekend!  Here’s how things were looking last night… exciting :)

Kitchen in progress

The wire baskets in that corner unit are something we salvaged from the old kitchen.

Kitchen Installation

The wire carousel is also a it of salvaged old kitchen.

Kitchen Installation

So too are the pull out wire spice racks :)  And for one final picture… for this post at least!

In progress kitchen


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