Sunday, 27 July 2014

Painting and Bathrooms

The last big thing that can get done before the windows get put in did get done this week and that was the finishing of the bathroom.  The floor tiles had been down for a while and some of the wall tiles but no grouting was in place and none of the bathroom suite was in place.  After a minor flurry of “what the …?!” comments after being told that our sink (which was to be wall mounted) was too heavy for the wall we got what i think is actually a rather nice vanity unit Ikea which works well with the tiles.  The guys finished up on Friday - all the tiles, with grouting in place and we finally have a flushing toilet!  We still need to paint the ceiling and one a half walls in there but other than that it’s done.  Which is great!  The only downside really is that the water coming out of the sink tap is a joke.  It’s a trickle so we’re going to have to get that fixed up!  The floor is still covered in white dust from the grouting powder so I’m quite looking forward to cleaning the floor up to get more brightness from those tiles!



In other news we started painting last weekend.  We have a whole house to paint including ceilings, walls and all the woodwork and the front door.  As the whole interior has been replastered that means we’re looking at three coats on everything, joyous work!  We’re doing all the ceilings first and at this stage we have four of nine ceilings done so I feel like we’re making progress.  What really slows us down is actually the application of the painters caulk at the ceiling/wall join that gets applied before the third coat goes on.  We didn’t actually know about this until we turned up at the house on Weds evening to apply third coat to some ceilings and our builder was still there so he mentioned it to us.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world to apply but it’s worth doing I reckon.  Dave was getting very frustrated with it yesterday so I took over.  I reckon it easily took us an hour to apply to the kitchen/dining room but hopefully I’ll get better as I go along!  Have to admit that I prefer applying that stuff and the actual ceiling painting itself (unless it’s the edging in which case I’m quite happy :) )

Prep for third coat


Hallway Painted Ceiling


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