Saturday, 19 July 2014

Size Really Does Matter

I know there are plenty of people out there who ask if size matters and let me tell you, the answer is an emphatic Yes when it comes to your new windows!  After a six week wait after placing our order our windows arrived to be fitted last Friday (11th July).  This was a big day for us, as apart from the fact that I hated our existing windows, we had a lot of work that couldn’t be done until the windows went in.  This list included the internal insulation, the plastering of the kitchen wall (and hence the worktop) and the parquet floor.   Our new windows are aluclad from Rationel and while I’ve read and heard some horror stories that people experience when their windows are being fitted we couldn’t find anything negative about Rationel.  They were certainly our most expensive quote but we felt that we were going to get what we were paying for.  


We’d been told that the windows would be arriving at 8am on the Friday so we both arranged to take the day off.  I checked my phone at 7.10am that morning, mainly to turn it out to see I already had a missed call.  It turned out it was from  the guy delivering the windows!  For anybody familiar with the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, think of the scene where Mr. Bingley arrives at Longbourne early in the morning to propose Jane.  Jane isn’t yet dressed so Mrs. Bennet proposes sends Mary (or is it Kitty?) down until Jane is properly dressed and ready to receive suitors.  That is totally the image that came to my mind that morning.   Dave had had his shower so he was sent down to Neidin to meet this guy and hand over a bankers draft for the remainder of the payment.  By the time that I got down a little after 8am the place was a hive of activity with windows being unloaded and brought in to the house!


Carefully Does It


I was so excited at the thought of finally getting rid of the horrible windows in the house that i made poor Dave pose for a photo outside one of them :)

Nearing the End


We hung around for a little while but left not too long after (for a yummy coffee and pastry in Gusto Italiano) as no matter where we turned we nearly always in somebody’s way!  Honest to God though, they had most of the old windows out by the time we were leaving!

Removal of old Bay Frame


 A couple of hours later I arrived back down to the house to be met by a friendly as ever Tom who informed that “we have a problem”.  When you’re getting windows in that can really only mean one thing… something somewhere doesn’t fit.  And that’s exactly what it was.  The bay windows (upstairs and downstairs) each come in three pieces - the centre windows and the two side windows.  There are of course numerous other bits and pieces to go with that but, to cut a long story short, each of the two side windows was 2 inches, too narrow.  Two inches.  That’s four inches of missing window from each of the bays!  This bad news was further compounded by the fact that it takes six weeks to make a Rationel window (five weeks at a push) and Rationel were going to be starting their 3 week holiday that following week.  And when I say Rationel were going on a 3 week holiday I don’t mean the office, I mean that the whole operation in Sweden shuts down for three weeks!  To be honest, there was no point getting annoyed or angry with Tom.  He admittedly straight away that this was Rationel’s error and it was a mistake. I mean one of the things that i do for a living is write and review code.  I know that bugs get in to code.  And I guess there’s no reason why code should be the only thing that bugs get in to.  At that point in time I naively thought that the insulation would still continue and while they wouldn’t be able to do internal on the front the flooring might still be able to happen (turns out that neither or happening until new windows go in).  Anyway, the upshot is that the the four new windows are on order and expected to be fitted some time the week of 25th August.  A little later than I would have liked (obviously) but such is life! In the meantime they’ve fitted the incorrectly sized windows so that the house is weatherproof until the new windows arrive.  And we’re happy with what we’ve got to date.

Busy Busy



Below is a photo of me amusing myself earlier in the day when the windows were still being unpackaged :)

 Taking Photos


I do like our new french doors (I’d prefer if they were wider but that’s down to us not widening the space rather than measures this time!).  Ignore the jungle out back… we’ll get to that in time!
New French Doors

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