Friday, 22 August 2014

Continued Painting

There really has been very little to report over the last while hence the silence on here. The kitchen worktop went in a few weeks back... a lovely quartz worktop that I'm v happy with. We're continuing to have a dilemna over wall tiles, tiles for behind the hob and the floor tiles. The real difficulty with the tiles is finding something that will go with both the worktop and the cupboards; harder than we thought! As the worktop has upstands we're now considering no wall tiles other than around than hob. We still have to find something we like and that could work but... Floor tile wise we have a sample of a dark grey tile which is actually v nice but the kitchen is so darl that I can't help wondering if a lighter tile would be better. But unlike the lighter tile the dark tile helps add some contrast to the space. Bit of a dilemna! Earlier this week I was having a look online at coloured glass specialists. It'll be a while before we can afford to change the glass panes around the door but it was fun to have a look and get some ideas. We're off work next week so hoping to pay a visit to Rathmines Glass. I really quite like this one though as it still allows lots of light through. As our front door is north facing this is important to me. Painting wise we're making progress. It probably doesn't seem like we're going anywhere fast but it's three coats per ceiling and per wall and we have jobs so it's down to one day at the weekend and an hour or two one or two evenings a week. We finished ceilings a few weeks ago and are still working on the kitchen living space. Plenty yet to do - the kitchen is taking forever as everything has to be taped up before each paint. If the tape is going over paint then we take it off at the end of that painting session too which means retaping before the next painting session! Our windows, the correct sized ones(!) are due for fitting next Wednesday or Thursday so the insulation company are lined up to start the week of the 1st Sept and Mike is lined up to start our parquet floor downstairs the week of the 15th. It'll be good to see some real progress happing again. The mess with the windows (not our fault!) really put a hammer in the works time wise!!

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