Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Painting and the non appearance of our Windows

We’ve taken this week of work.  It’s our holidays.  What we’re doing for our holidays is painting.  Oh and we did take Tuesday and tomorrow (thursday)  to do some fun stuff.  We were also looking forward to our side bay windows windows which were due to to be fitted today.  At least we were looking forward to it until we were looking forward to it until I got a phone call at 10am yesterday morning informing me that “there is some bad news”.  To which I immediately responded saying that the windows had to go in this week as we have the previously postponed insulation company due to start new week and I have the guy for the flooring booked in for the week of 15th Sept.  And I can’t be cancelling them again.  Which is of course all well and good but if, as it turns out, ones windows are still in Denmark and won’t be leaving said country until this coming Friday there’s bugger all that I can do about it.  Needless to say I’m less than impressed.  For a start we ordered these windows in June.  And they arrived at the end of July… and at that point everybody realised that there was an issue with the size of the side bays (they’re each 2 inches too narrow!).  Unfortunately, even though this was not our fault, we would have to wait another 6 weeks (make that 8.5 weeks!) for the correct ones to arrive as Rationel shuts down for 3 weeks for hollers.  Isn’t life grand?  Anyway, clearly there’s no guarantee that this won’t happen again this week but right now there’s nothing we can do except hope that they are shipped this Fri and arrive post haste!      


So in the meantime we’ve been painting.  We now have a fully painted kitchen and living area.  First coats in front room and the hall way too and three coats on the window wall in the bathroom (this is a different colour to the other walls hence only it being done).  The plumber was out today so we now have a kitchen tap, an installed dishwasher and the hob and oven are in place (the latter is not wired up).

A Kitchen Tap

The kitchen fitter is back out on Friday afternoon (hopefully that won’t be postponed) for finishing touches.  Still waiting for the electrician to get back to me as to when he can come out - reckon I’ll give him a buzz tomorrow (it’s our day off… off to the National Stud and Japanese Gdns :) )  Unfortunately the plumber will be back to tomorrow as we need a new boiler :(  Well that’s not true, we could replace the fan on the existing one but that is nearly the third of the cost of a new one and as we’ve no idea how old the current one is and it’s apparently not a great model so we decided to take the hit now and get rid of it while we’re still a work in progress house.


Front Room Painting

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