Friday, 12 September 2014


Well the windows, finally, after many many weeks of waiting, arrived Wednesday week ago.  Unbelievably they’re still not finished (don’t ask!) but the remaining work is external only and so has no impact on anything else proceeding.  The insulation company arrived to start work on the same day as the windows arrived.  After talking about and waiting for this insulation for many  many months it was v exciting to walk by the house and see their van in the driveway!

Insulation Finally Starting!


Today is the last day (or so I’m told) that  the insulation guys will be on site.  The external and internal insulation are now finished and today is tidy up day and the attic too needs to be done (I’m assuming that that too is happening today).  I won’t go as far as using the word “fascinating” but it was definitely interesting to watch the external insulation progress.  After the application of insulation blocks to the side and back of the house, two layers of plaster were added and the render went on yesterday.  The side and back of our house now look shiny new (almost).

External Insulation Happening

External Insulation Plastering

Amusingly we picked separate colours for the render for the side and back as we wanted a more grey colour for the side so that it would fit in with the houses around.  When we were looking at the render last night we had to look very hard to see if different colours were used.  We came to the conclusion that they were but either the wrong colour was used on the side or else the sample book is not at all indicative of the render colours on a large scale as there’s barely any difference at all.  We don’t mind, we’re happy with the look but I’m sure the guys applying it were asking why we had chosen different colours!

There were three types of render we could have used.  Cosi Homes quoted mineral render by default which is the best suited to Irish weather (apparently) but we went with the mid range acrylic render just because it is that bit less expensive!

External Insulation Finished


Certainly looks better, in my opinion, than it did when we first bought the place!

Patching up the Cracks


The garden unfortunately has gone downhill.  It’s gone from this

The Garden with Potential

to this:

Our Very Own Jungle!



The front of the house is now insulated internally.  You can get an idea of the depth of the insulation from this photo (hopefully).

Just needs a cill now!


The downstairs flooring happens next.  Was hoping that would start in the middle of next week but from what Mike (flooring guy) was saying it could be the week after.  But I can take a delay  of a day or two at this stage.

There’s still a lot to do though at least the majority of the big ticket items are now done!  Wouldn’t mind a finished off hob area though (driving me insane!!!!) and some carpets upstairs...

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