Wednesday, 29 October 2014


It’s been a long time coming but we now, finally, have a floor downstairs (well not a kitchen floor but the rest of the downstairs!)  This work couldn’t start until after the internal insulation was completed which in turn was delayed by the windows so we had hoped that Mike (flooring guy) would start within a week of the insulation being completed.  Unfortunately he didn’t start until 8th October.  There seemed to be delay after delay with this work - originally (re)scheduled to start on the Monday 6th he told us on the Sunday that it would be Tuesday.  Okay, seeing as it was only going to take him 4 or so days and then a day for the staining we felt we could live with that.  In the end he didn’t start until the Wednesday and while there may have only been 4 or so days work for him he was still working away on Saturday 18th when the guys turned up to do the staining!  Anyway, the end result is something that we love.  We struggled a bit over what stain to go with and in the end chose a colour that seemed to surprise the guys doing the sanding and staining and Mike.  Needless to say that got me worried - why? what’s wrong with this colour??  Turns out there’s nothing wrong with it (at least not yet :) )  The parquet floor processed involved laying a 6mm  plywood base, then putting down the herringbone design followed by the border at the end.

Base of Ply before the Parquet goes down


Parquet Laying


Parquet Floor in Hallway


Back room - Completed Parquet Floor

On the Saturday when the guys were doing the sanding and staining we headed off in to Arnotts to order the sofa that we’d picked out the week before.  Assuming no delays (and i’m really not assuming that considering we’ve been hit with delays throughout this process) we’ll have the sofa in time for Christmas!

Michael our builder was lined up to come in on the Monday after the parquet floor was in to do all the skirting boards, door architraves and the kitchen floor tiling.  As we’re putting carpets on the stairs and upstairs they can’t go down until that work is done so I had the carpets lined up to be fitted yesterday (28th).  We got a text on the Sunday evening before Michael was due to start that he was “very sick” with his lungs and would do our job when he was better!  So I postponed carpets and we then wondered what to do.  How ill was he - very or just unwell (we wondered if the use of “very sick” was just down to English not being his first language).  We decided we’d wait a week and then call him to find out how he was doing and to find out of if we needed to get somebody else for the job - which I should say we didn’t want to do.  Michael has done a lot of work for us and we know where we stand with him (he normally finds something to give out about but I just try not to listen to that) and he’d given us a good price.  But this was a our last job preventing carpets (and us) going in to the house.  Anyway the great news is that he was much better and started working yesterday and expects to be finished by the end of the week.  So carpets lined up for next Wednesday.  And after that I guess we clean the place and look at moving in!    The garden is embarrassing at this stage so looking forward to being able to clear some stuff out of it (a lot of rubbish and paint tins!) once we’re done with builders vans in our drives.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Flooring is Next

The insulation has been finished for a few weeks now and it's made the world of difference to the side and back of the house (where it was done externally). We've gone from a dirty white with concrete strips up the side (from repairs) to a spanking clean white exterior. That is, we've gone from Patching up the Cracks to External Insulation Finished I know we lost some space in the front rooms due to the internal insulation but I'm pleasantly surprised to not be noticing it the minute I walk in to one of the front rooms. The depth of insulation is decent enough and is nicely visible (for now) along the windows as we haven't yet got internal cills in place. Just needs a cill now! The flooring was due to start a couple of weeks back but has been delayed until this week with work on the parquet floor actually starting today. I'm really looking forward to have something nicer than this (and the current horrible bare boards) to look at soon :) Hate this Flooring!

More to follow soon, hopefully!