Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Flooring is Next

The insulation has been finished for a few weeks now and it's made the world of difference to the side and back of the house (where it was done externally). We've gone from a dirty white with concrete strips up the side (from repairs) to a spanking clean white exterior. That is, we've gone from Patching up the Cracks to External Insulation Finished I know we lost some space in the front rooms due to the internal insulation but I'm pleasantly surprised to not be noticing it the minute I walk in to one of the front rooms. The depth of insulation is decent enough and is nicely visible (for now) along the windows as we haven't yet got internal cills in place. Just needs a cill now! The flooring was due to start a couple of weeks back but has been delayed until this week with work on the parquet floor actually starting today. I'm really looking forward to have something nicer than this (and the current horrible bare boards) to look at soon :) Hate this Flooring!

More to follow soon, hopefully!

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